Ry McDonald

Ry McDonald

👋 I'm Ry and I’m a seeker and lifelong learner. I help companies grow through Operations, People & Marketing.

Who I am

As an operator, I work to understand and respect people. I use leading indicators and simple practices to increase accountability. I build shared responsibility through teamwork, common goals, and shared wins. I increase predictability and reliability by driving continuous improvement.

I’m fascinated by human psychology and high performance. I’m excited about music, basketball, burritos, cocktails, and documentaries.

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My background

I've spent a dozen years reading, testing, selling, and teaching marketing while managing business operations, building culture, and developing people.

I’ve worked in tech companies (3) and at marketing agencies (3) at all levels, from hourly temp to President.

The consistent thread in my experience has been a deep appreciation for building knowledge, contributing to big projects, and helping people develop and grow.

A few highlights

Want to chat? Email me at ry@rymcdonald.me